And the winner is …. the Panelstation

Finally, after about 2 months got a first real payout from one of the online survey sites.

ThePanelstation is the winner, with so far no second to cross the line yet. There are however quite a number of things that need to be put in perspective.

First, not living in a big country is probably reducing the earning opportunity significantly, very few survey-sites are operation internationally and have localized content.

Second, while the money is well appreciated, I earned $9.7 USD, it is not going to make anyone rich fast, extrapolating this over a full year will get me $55USD, not enough to pay for funding this site to the level I would be able to monetize it.

Third, doing surveys is not a good use of time, to get $9.7 USD you need to fill out a whole bunch of surveys and spend quite a few hours doing that, if you want to ( and you have)  do this correctly.

In the meantime I’m also trying to do some freelance design work and some small editing, writing and translation jobs on guru, so far without yield yet, but here again, just starting.


Being rich – quick thought

Being rich is all about spending and not about wealth. When you’re spending less than you can afford you are a very wealthy person.

Manage your desire, find your own self and what makes you truly happy inside, spend within your means and you’ll feel the richest person on the planet.

I bought myself a new monitor, second hand of course, within my budget and I’m really happy with it.

One step forward : online surveys – first payout requests.

One step forward in the hunt for a first return of the online activities, the first payout request as submitted, both for Toluna and Thepanelstation. If the payments comes through it will be the very first money made online. And also it will move both sites up to the category of 100% genuine. I’m preparing a page on that one.

It’s all part of the plan, $99/year is needed to be able to monetize this site, it would be 30% on the way to get there, for the first year with both payouts. The next steps would then be to secure the the $99/year for the following year. Then it’s 100% focus on producing value add content.

All part of the plan, step by step, we’ll get there.

Month one – zero earnings

A month has passed since I started my online existence, financial net result is zero, nothing earned so far.

It’s not that we have done nothing, but it just did not yield yet.

What have we done:

The Surveys:

I will get the surveys page updated with more details, but basically I’ve been signing up to all that seemed reasonable, doing the surveys diligently as they were presented and became available, however I did not get to the level on any single one to cash out. Lesson learned here is that when you’re not in one of the big countries that it’s very difficult to get any sizable yield out of this.

Doing freelance type work:

Also I tried to do some creative work, got registered on Jovoto and I must say this is run very professionally. Obviously, half a month is on the short side to earn money, but the potential is there.

Next Step:

Will continue the survey work, I’m close on some, within the next month I should be able to get a cash out. Also if more creative work comes out I will continue to participate, the sums that are being paid out for winning ideas are very nice and will help a lot to add more content here. And I will expand into site and application testing, should be able to do this pretty well given where I come from.

And this site needs more content, needs work on the layout and design and obviously needs a lot more visitors.

That’s all for now, the journey continues, the path is still long.


I got my first visitor

A milestone has been reached, I got my first visitor on this blog, either intentionally or as fluke, whichever, it did happen.

It might be a small feat, but nevertheless, calls for a little celebration. And I would say that’s what we all should do more often, celebrate the little things, enjoy what you have when you have it. Tomorrow you still might have it or not, but that initial feeling will be gone.

I did not get a prize yet on my submission to Jovoto, which is fair. It’s my first attempt and I didn’t put enough time and effort in. Lesson learned and it’s a motivation to do better and bigger next time.

That’s all for now tomorrow is another day.

This has taken long – don’t give up your job just yet and I thought I had my first visitor.

It’s been a while since I last posted something, not because I had nothing to say, but more so because I was busy with probably way too many things than that I should have. On top of everything¬† I had to work also.

I’ve been doing surveys and adding survey sites very diligently over the last couple of weeks. And I can for sure tell you not to give up your job just yet. Maybe if you’re in a large economy you might be able to gather a bit of cash on a weekly basis, but if you are in a smaller place, away from the big countries, forget it. it’s not going to happen. The closest I am at the moment to earn some money is on Toluna, maybe a week or two before I can initiate a first payout.

My aim is to still be able to run a parallel online income stream. First target is to get sufficient payout from something to be able to get this site in it’s own domain.

Additionally doing some design challenges seem to be fun ad a possibility to generate some cash. Not that I am a great designer, nor that I have a specific talent, but at least I can give it my best try and see how far we get. If you want to seen what I’m up to, check the submissions I made on Jovoto.

And I need visitors, for a moment I thought I had one visitor, it turned out that it was myself who had looked at this from a different computer. Was almost about to jump a hole in the air. I guess I just need to increase my presence, use better tags and post more. I’m learning. Slowly. Will get it right at some point.

Sure thing.

That’s all for now.

It’s been a week

It’s been a week since I started this. And so far, apart from myself, no visitors yet. Which maybe should not surprise me because (a) nobody knows this exists, (b) there isn’t much content yet and (c) whatever content there is looks pretty poor.

(c) isn’t much of a problem. Very few sites have original and good content and many look completely cluttered with all sorts of irrelevant stuff.

(b) is work in progress, I’ll get the hang of it as we go, little by little there will be improvement.

(a) I’m working on expanding, when this gets somewhere will extend my presence on other media and will add more and more activities.

Talking about activities:

Current focus in on gathering enough money through doing surveys to get this blog on it’s own site and for it to start generating passive income.

The plan for the week ahead is:

(a) to continue on the surveys, details you can find on the surveys pages.

(b) to improve the look, feel and functionality of this blog

(c) once the survey possibilities seem more or less exhausted, look into alternative sources of income.

That’s all for now, next week more.