The plan

I guess I need a plan. Maybe that’s recommendable for most activities. Since I don’t have one, let’s make one up as we go.

Before we start, the constraints:

A) I have no money.

B) I have no particular skill.

C) I have a medication dependency.

The above kinda applies to the vast majority of people I would say. Although many without any skill think of themselves very high. So whatever constraints, nothing to hard to overcome.

The plan:

A) Make money

B) Develop something as we go and progress

C) Well I guess I have to get on with the hand I’m dealt, whining won’t help.


And now for the most difficult part, how? I don’t know, tell me.



A) Is it possible to make money from the Internet for an average person not willing to become a public figure.

B) This will come with (A) and (C), maybe I won’t do a lot, but see how far it stretches doing a genuine effort.

C) Some sort of physical challenge with a healthier diet should do the trick here.


That’s all for now, until next.










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