And the winner is …. the Panelstation

Finally, after about 2 months got a first real payout from one of the online survey sites.

ThePanelstation is the winner, with so far no second to cross the line yet. There are however quite a number of things that need to be put in perspective.

First, not living in a big country is probably reducing the earning opportunity significantly, very few survey-sites are operation internationally and have localized content.

Second, while the money is well appreciated, I earned $9.7 USD, it is not going to make anyone rich fast, extrapolating this over a full year will get me $55USD, not enough to pay for funding this site to the level I would be able to monetize it.

Third, doing surveys is not a good use of time, to get $9.7 USD you need to fill out a whole bunch of surveys and spend quite a few hours doing that, if you want to ( and you have)  do this correctly.

In the meantime I’m also trying to do some freelance design work and some small editing, writing and translation jobs on guru, so far without yield yet, but here again, just starting.


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