Month one – zero earnings

A month has passed since I started my online existence, financial net result is zero, nothing earned so far.

It’s not that we have done nothing, but it just did not yield yet.

What have we done:

The Surveys:

I will get the surveys page updated with more details, but basically I’ve been signing up to all that seemed reasonable, doing the surveys diligently as they were presented and became available, however I did not get to the level on any single one to cash out. Lesson learned here is that when you’re not in one of the big countries that it’s very difficult to get any sizable yield out of this.

Doing freelance type work:

Also I tried to do some creative work, got registered on Jovoto and I must say this is run very professionally. Obviously, half a month is on the short side to earn money, but the potential is there.

Next Step:

Will continue the survey work, I’m close on some, within the next month I should be able to get a cash out. Also if more creative work comes out I will continue to participate, the sums that are being paid out for winning ideas are very nice and will help a lot to add more content here. And I will expand into site and application testing, should be able to do this pretty well given where I come from.

And this site needs more content, needs work on the layout and design and obviously needs a lot more visitors.

That’s all for now, the journey continues, the path is still long.



It’s been a week

It’s been a week since I started this. And so far, apart from myself, no visitors yet. Which maybe should not surprise me because (a) nobody knows this exists, (b) there isn’t much content yet and (c) whatever content there is looks pretty poor.

(c) isn’t much of a problem. Very few sites have original and good content and many look completely cluttered with all sorts of irrelevant stuff.

(b) is work in progress, I’ll get the hang of it as we go, little by little there will be improvement.

(a) I’m working on expanding, when this gets somewhere will extend my presence on other media and will add more and more activities.

Talking about activities:

Current focus in on gathering enough money through doing surveys to get this blog on it’s own site and for it to start generating passive income.

The plan for the week ahead is:

(a) to continue on the surveys, details you can find on the surveys pages.

(b) to improve the look, feel and functionality of this blog

(c) once the survey possibilities seem more or less exhausted, look into alternative sources of income.

That’s all for now, next week more.