Making money online

Is it really possible? For now the answer is maybe. Signed up in the first survey site on March 18th 2017 and so far no payout has been made. However on Toluna I’m almost there.

I am putting together my own experiences, good or bad, what I find and what I try and see how it goes:

1: Online Surveys

Seems to be too easy to be true, however, the game plan here is to collect enough to get this blog on it’s on site and for it to be self sufficiently funded.

  • Toluna :

This site is super easy to register, only need to provide a few details and off you go. Completely hassle free. First look is very professional and genuine. Signing up alone gives you credits. At first glance it is adopted to the local market and the rewards page has a rich choice of local providers, malls and services and also the option for payment collection in PayPal.

First impressions: I took 2 surveys, the first one on consumer spending and since I never go shopping myself, I got disqualified, fair enough. The second one on a company logo which I filled out as best as I could and took about 15 minutes or so.

So far, thumbs up for Toluna.

Time Spent : 45′

Surveys taken : 3 Completed + 1 Disqualified

Credit : 19200 points ( almost there to be eligible for a voucher credit)

Cash received : 0 USD

  • SurveySavvy : : signed up, simple and correct, got invited to one survey so far, nothing on the account yet

Surveys : 1

Credit :0 USD

  • Brand Institute : : signed up, but so far no invites for surveys


  • Swagbucks : doesn’t seem to open where I am. Tried multitple times just doesn’t seem to do anything, no message, nothing


  • Vivatic : : signed up, you get an e-mail back that displays the password you choose, which I didn’t like much since I didn’t ask for it. Further it seems like this is very UK centric. Got invited to one survey and immediately disqualified.


  • PaidViewPoint : : the registration on this site does not complete