Survey sites are they real, a personal experience.

Right or wrong, we can ignore this for now, but I decided to first give surveys a go in my quest to earn money online. As you can read from my other pages, the ultimate goal is that this site, and my online activities in general, will be self sustaining and will be fully self-funding.

All the sites mentioned here are all self-tested, nothing hear-say or copy paste or paid for comments. If anyone has some other suggestion for sites to try out, drop me a message, if someone feels their site is misrepresented, contact me.

I realized quickly that not being in one of the bigger countries is a disadvantage, there are fewer international surveys and fewer sites that allow international participation. That is a given, it is what it is, nothing I can change about that. The advantage is that this will give you a different perspective.

Also, don’t resign from your day job just yet, you read wild stories about people earning crazy amounts from doing surveys, well I don’t think so.

And most certainly, never ever pay for doing surveys or product testing, it’s your time, it’s a valuable asset and you should get paid for it, not the other way around.

One last thing, I built a classification and the criteria:

Genuine: 100% legit site and I did get some money out of it

Probably genuine : looks very legit, but didn’t yield yet

Not fake but not but worth the effort : seems ok, but it either does not give any opportunity or it’s impossibly hard

Don’t bother : sites that don’t work, have weird setups, ask strange things, try to install software, ….

Scam : the ones trying to rip you off, have viruses, etc


And finally, the list:

Genuine: nothing so far, been doing this for a bit more than a month now, actual payback, zero.

Probably genuine: : I got so far as to be able to request the first PayPal payment, it’s in progress, if it processes successfully and the money is receive this one will move up to the truly genuine group. : Very similar to toluna in terms of progress, a first payout has been requested. Feels very genuine, most surveys have test questions to check if you are reading correctly and they have a timer, once I went a bit too fast and got a warning. Pretty real. Waiting to receive the moneys. : nothing negative to say so far, only it’s a lot slower than toluna and the pandelstation, I got in the first month to 20% of the first 50$ payout, while on Toluna I got to a 15$ payout, still ok, but needs more work.


Not fake but not but worth the effort and the others:

Soon to come, work in progress, come back.