The sticky plan

Everyone needs a plan, and it needs to be a sticky plan. Sticky basically meaning that you have to make it stick to you. It must be your plan, it can be ambitious, overly ambitions even, but it needs to be yours. Something that sticks to you and you stick to it, don’t abandon, don’t give up. And, of course you need to believe in it to in which you believe to a large extend, it doesn’t need to be perfect, the holes and gaps can be filled with dreams. It will fail at times, somethings won’t work as planned, and that’s perfectly OK, find the right balance between continuing when it goes difficult and changing what doesn’t work. Changing is not giving up, it’s merely finding another path to the goal.

Below is my plan, it’s work in progress, it will change and evolve but the goal remains, The first thing you want to put down is your goal, what do you want to achieve. It’s like finding the way from A to B, before you can even start thinking about the path to take you need to figure out where you want to go. And obviously the next thing is figuring out where you are, your position, your constraints. Once you know where you are coming from and where you are going, the path will show itself. Kinda.

For the path, take tiny baby steps, one at a time, it’s a simple truth, but sometimes, we’re in such a hurry to get there, we forget. Step by step, even the highest mountain has been climbed step by step, slowly but surely.

Set yourself small goals, realistic goals, and celebrate them, every achievement is amazing and worth enjoying.

So here we go with my plan:

(A) The goal : create an active online presence that is self-sustaining.

(B) The starting position : zero, there is no money to invest, only time and no particular skills, further I have some limitations which can make certain physical endeavors both physically and logistically hard.

(C) The path, we will discover as we go, and as I said, step by step.


Now we got this far let’s set a microgoal. Microgoals are important to have a clear line of sight to something that is achievable in a limited amount of time and with a definable effort.

Very often a microgoal will lead to even smaller goals all building up. At then end, you will have a fairly large set of small, manageable projects that, when completing will automatically make you reach your goal.


Microgoal #1 : get this site to the point where it generates through adds.

In order to do this I need money to upgrade to the premium plan, which costs $8.25US per month, $99US per year.








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